A certificate is only as good as the opportunity it provides to those who receive it. To that end,  Promise Opens Doors is committed to helping its graduates find the right employment opportunities once they have successfully received their TESOL/TEFL  certificate. 

For some, particularly those who have graduated with our Certificate for Online Teaching, we offer the opportunity to continue teaching with Promise Opens Doors as hourly-waged teachers in our online classrooms. Teaching online is an ever-growing option for many TESOL teachers, especially those who are unable or unwilling to travel. 

In addition, Promise continues to grow its network of partner employers who recognize and hire graduates of our program.  We work with some of the largest and most recognized employers and so the chances of our graduates being hired right away grows with each employer we partner with. 

Whether looking for online teaching positions, or wishing to teach abroad, Promise will provide assistance in resume writing, interview preparation, and research on a destination-of-interest. 


Over the years...

Employer Partners looking to hire Promise graduates:



Contact our Career Center with any questions regarding employment either overseas or online!

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