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Course Structure


Part 1. Foundations Course

The first online course provides the general theoretical and practical knowledge needed for prospective and newly practicing English as a second language (ESL) teachers. It familiarizes the participants with theoretical and practical aspects of language, language learning, teaching methodology, and classroom practice. This course comprises six one-week modules, covering the following topics:

Theoretical Base: An Introduction to the Knowledge Base of TESOL

Week 1: Introduction to Language
Week 2: Introduction to Language Learning
Week 3: Introduction to Language Teaching

Practical Application:  An Introduction to the Practice of TESOL

Week 4: Understanding the English Language
Week 5: Facilitating Language Learning
Week 6: Preparing Lessons

Part 2. Specialty Course: Young Learners

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the various practices and research that are used in a young learner classroom. The first half of the course looks at theoretical aspects of young learner development and language acquisition/learning. The second half looks at practical knowledge that English teachers need to design lessons and manage a young learner classroom. The course also explores assessment approaches and tools to evaluate students’ learning. This course also comprises six one-week modules and covers the following topics and language skills:

Week 1: Child Development
Week 2: Language Acquisition and Learning
Week 3: Instructional Approaches to Teaching Young Learners
Week 4: Young Learners in an English Language Classroom
Week 5: Monitoring Student Learning and Assessment
Week 6: Planning for Learning