TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching

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What is it?


The TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching, as the name implies, prepares a teacher to work with English as a Foreign Language students in real-time, online classrooms.  Promise Opens Doors is proud to say it was the first American company to pioneer real-time English language training to K-12 students in South Korea.  Since 2005, we have been perfecting our training processes and teaching pedagogy.  Participants in our certificate course can trust that the training they receive will be of the highest quality. 

Who Should Attend?


The course is designed for those who want to become English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers online. Participants must be fluent in English in order to participate. (Non-US/Canada citizens click here for more information)


Additionally, the course will focus on training teachers who will work with students aged between junior high and college. With over 14 years of real-time online teaching experience, Promise Opens Doors knows that students in this age group are best equipped to learn a foreign language in the real-time, online setting. 


















Program Requirements


60- hour course:  This is the "full-length" course, incorporating 40 hours of theory, 5 hours of observation, and 15 hours of teaching practicum in our real-time, online classrooms.  Registrants are required to submit themselves to a background check (done via Checkr) and must agree to sign and abide by our teacher agreement. This is necessary as participants are placed in real-time, online classrooms with students.  

45-hour course: This course is the same as the 60-hour version, without the 15 hours of teaching practicum.  Participants do not have to complete a background check or sign the teacher agreement.  While there are fewer steps in the process (and the course is cheaper), there simply is no substitute for real teaching experience as you train to be a successful EFL teacher!

The theory part of the course is broken down into: 

  • SLA Approaches and Methods

  • Activities for Online Teaching

  • Preparation and Planning for the Online Classroom

  • Online Teaching Technology

  • Your Online TESOL Career




Time Commitment


The 60-hour course with practicum components must be completed within 4 months of the start date. All courses are asynchronous. 5 hours per week is the recommended amount of time that should be devoted to the online coursework.


The 45-hour version has a 3-month timeframe.  


In both cases, if the participant cannot finish in the required time, they will be subject to a non-passing grade for the course. This would require a participant to re-register, pay, and start over. 


Grading and Assessment

The TESOL Certificate for Online Teaching program, as well as the online courses that make up the core of the program, are organized on a pass (satisfactory completion of all requirements)/no pass (unsatisfactory) basis. Satisfactory completion is equal to an 80% or higher on all scores. 






For additional questions about the certificate program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our Admissions Office at admissions@promiseopensdoors.org



$250 USD